Care Tips


In order to extend the life of your bag, it is highly recommended to protect it using a colourless waterproofing agent before use (minimum distance when spraying: 30 cm).

It is strongly recommended to avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, heat and greasy substances, which could cause irreparable damage.

Contacts with raw fabric such as jeans should also be avoided as they can cause colour transfers and darken leather irreversibly. Additional precaution should be taken when caring for clear and vibrant colours, which are more delicate: avoid wearing light-coloured bags over dark clothes, and vice versa.

Leather is a natural material that evolves over the years and will not remain intact.

Leather will acquire a patina, soften and its tint can vary over time. The imperfections of leather are the hallmark of its authenticity and do not alter in any way the quality of the skin.

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