The designer

All MyElza creations are by young designer Elena Zanfir who is passionate about fashion and holds an MBA in Luxury Management and Marketing from Paris.

Her insatiable hunger for learning and travelling first brought her to London, where she helped local designers develop. This experience was a revelation.

Later, her work with Louis Vuitton fashion house gave her the final incentive to "take the plunge". Thanks to her passion for leather and her quest for the heart stopper accessory, she carried off the extraordinary feat of launching her own label in 2014.

"Learning tirelessly and aiming for excellence" is her motto.

She has been immersed in the arts world – especially painting – since childhood, where she draws her inspiration from to create collections in her image every new season. She marvels at the work of craftsmen, and compares leather to a canvas on which the tanner expresses his creativity.

With her desire to go beyond trends to create her own universe, into which we are irresistibly drawn, she focuses on "triggering emotion through heart-stopping materials".


The Brand

Created in 2014 and now sold in some thirty boutiques, MyElza is a brand of leather accessories designed in Belgium and manufactured in Italy and Portugal.

The brand name MyElza hints at “My Elza bag” and is the contraction of Elena Zanfir’s name, the designer and brand manager of the label.

The MyElza woman has a natural, effervescent and rather mischievous personality, which gives her all her charm.

A perfect mix of casual and urban chic, her style is the seductive combination of romanticism with a light touch of Rock. The MyElza woman loves carrying a handbag which is both practical and sophisticated, and which gives the finishing touch to her looks and makes her stand out from the crowd.

Real heart-stoppers whose design is inspired by travelling, painting and nature, MyElza bags are the fruit of the successful association of the designer’s artistic creativity and the selection of supple, complex, exclusive and soft-touch leather.


The Product

MyElza brand identity is easily recognisable by the three anthracite metal studs on each and every bag – and on its logo. The brand capitalizes on timeless models and light structures, with a careful mix of materials and textures.

Every model is the harmonious association of two or three different types of leather, a range of warm tones, with matte or shimmering effects.   

Marketed as real luxury items, MyElza bags come with a protection pouch that adds an exclusive dimension to the products.



MyElza collections are designed in Belgium and manufactured in Italy and Portugal, in workshops especially selected for the quality of their hides and skins and their exquisite craftsmanship.

The leather materials are carefully selected in the best European tanneries. Every season, the designer roams trade fairs and tanneries to find the exclusive leather that combines quality with elegance and sophistication.


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